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Democratising access to technology - Warangal’s first fablab opened on Jan 26 2015 at NIT Warangal. Latest addition to the fablab family - The FabX 3D Printer based on the printrboard, made in India! Click here to know more about the facility.

Crowd Funding

Democratising access to funding - First crowdfunding portal for NITW students is now live on the web! Browse through awesome work done at NITW, connect with super enthusiastic students, and help support their work.


Calling all mentors and hackers! Hackathon 4.0 scheduled for August 2015. Focus areas include women in tech and rapid prototyping at the new Fablab - the Innovation Garage! Click here to know more about previous editions.

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Transparent mode of selection and sharing financial information are key areas which satisfy. I look forward to many more donors coming forward to help the Foundation broaden their activities.

Naresh Ummat

Donor | NITW '64 | MD, Barracuda Camaflouge

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