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Obstacle detector

Self Balancing robot

Virtual shopping app

Simple Circle (Android game)

Bluetooth controlled Robot

Android VR Boxing App

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Three dimensional display

Propeller Clock


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This multi-disciplinary laboratory provides students, access to latest gadgets, tools and technology devices, which help them, learn about today’s technologies and inspire them to build innovative solutions for tomorrow.

Innovation has rules too!

We recommend the students to follow certain guidelines to streamline our process and determine future course of action. While increasing efficiency they also help building trust with all the stakeholders and garner more support.

Why should we brag?

We believe that each and every student has immense potential within them which can be realized by giving them a chance to learn, without fear of failure and a platform to exhibit. Innovation Garage is an effort to create such environment of freedom, encouraging creativity through fully equipped collaborative workspace.

Pleased and impressed about this initiative at NIT Warangal.Supporting alumni, enthusiastic students & open innovation space-quite the right ingredients.Conveying my wishes to the entire team.

Sijo Kuruvilla George

CEO, Startup Village