Lakshya aims to achieve the following by 2018:

  • Identify 500 thought leaders from among alumni who will each inspire and motivate five thought leaders from among the students
  • Enable the institute to file 10 patents annually
  • Incubate five technology startups a year which will have a combined net-worth of $1 million in two years of operations
  • Enable NIT Warangal to be rated among the top five technology institutes in India


Augment the ecosystem of research and entrepreneurship through creativity and innovation at NIT Warangal by bringing together alumni, students, faculty, the institute and relevant partners

Core Values

These are our guiding principles. Every time we have a difficult decision to make, we come here.

  • Transparency - Nothing to hide, nothing to fear
    We want you to nurture our work, while also seeing where exactly your contributions are being utilized. Transparency, both in funds and activities, keeps us on the right track.

  • Synergy - Everyone has something to contribute
    While the alumni contribute immensely with their experience, the system at NIT Warangal is built around students and faculty and is run by the administration. Creating this synergy is not a way, but the only way to form a holistic sustainable approach to achieve our shared vision of a better NIT Warangal.

  • Technology - is key
    At the heart of our effort is making a point - technology can solve problems, create wealth and make life easier. Institutions like NIT Warangal need to breed technology, become hotbeds for cutting edge research and innovation. We do not use technology to assist us, technology forms the core of our work.

Project Buckets

All our work is segregated into the following buckets:

1. Innovation,Research & Entreprenuership

This is our focus area - to establish an atmosphere conducive to generating ideas and giving them shape. Our support ranges from early-stage funding for student and faculty ideas, encouraging interdisciplinary innovation, to facilitating students inclined towards pure research. Our work done to this effect includes the Innovation Support Program and Research Facilitator Program

2. Campus Enablers

Nearly every student at NIT Warangal lives on its 250 plus acre campus. It is hence imperitive that existing facilities be upgraded and new ones be built to keep up with changing times. The campus must be an embodiment of all that a top engineering institute stands for. Administrative Process Automation is a project undertaken under this bucket.

3. Student Enablers

Projects undertaken under this bucket are aimed at improving students' overall development. Through our Financial Assitance Program, economically disadvantaged students can avail of tuition and hostel fee sponsorship.