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NITW hackathons are a melting pot of ideas and creative energies! Students come together for a weekend of coding, hacking and making. Together with mentors and experienced hackers, they go from idea to prototype within a span of 24 hours.

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Makeathon v6.0


Ideate, design & build to solve a specific problem using technology. Collaborate with fellow hackers across disciplines and learn more about what technology has to offer!

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Play a vital role in hand-holding and guiding students built solutions for you, your startup or industry. Mentor them for 24 hours, become a guru for life!


Money makes the world go round, and pays for equipment, food and caffeine. Connect us with your company or startup, help us get equipment, or a food sponsor!




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Hiring developers for startups is a major challenge, Almabase was no exception. We discovered (and hired) our first developer after working with him during the second hackathon. Working on a problem statement is so much better than an interview. If you ask me, hackathons are THE place to recruit for tech companies - where else can you get creative, persistent, technically brilliant hackers

Kalyan Kuchampudi

CTO, Almabase


Students are enthusiastic to build exciting products and bring creative ideas to reality. Technical mentorship from experts can shape their idea. Also, the mentors get to interact with some of the most passionate and brightest among the student community. Also, you get to relive your student days for that weekend!

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Vivek Unnikrishnan

Sushil Paneru

Vaibhav Awachat

Sudheesh Singanamalla

Chandan Yakapur

Ritesh Rathore


Best of the facilities and equipment are provided for hacker students to build awesome stuff. Sponsors get visibility and the event is fertile ground to discover talent. Partnering with us will also win you brownie points on campus and add to the good karma you’ve been accumulating!

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