Alumni Donor from Atlanta, USA

"Lakshya is very systematic and transparent, something that not only reassures the donor but also motivates more people to donate."

Ravi Teja
Scholarship Holder

Ravi Teja talks about the support extended by the Middle East Chapter alumni

Joby Yeldo
Student Innovator

"I remember the support extended by the Lakshya crew in all the processes right from the abstract submission to patent filings. Lakshya Foundation helped me achieve my dream."

Naresh Kumar Ummat
Alumni Donor

"Transparent mode of selection and sharing financial information are key areas which satisfy. I look forward to many more donors coming forward to help the Foundation broaden their activities."

Scholarship Holder

"Lakshya Scholarship helped me to a great extent by reducing the fianancial burden during my engineering. It was a good inspiration for me to achieve higher goals."

Faculty members at NIT Warangal

NIT Warangal faculty talking about their experience with Lakshya