Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources
Using statistical modeling, I will project the change in precipitation pattern in the Northeast India
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*Campaign initiated on April 25, 2016

The primary objective of my project is to study the impacts of climate change on the rainfall characteristics in the Northeastern state of Assam, India. 

To achieve this, we will use the statistical science downscaling methods to build our model model from a GCM (General Circulation Model).  


Expenses - 

  • VISA : 25,000
  • University fee (for availing facilities) : 30,000
  • Accommodation : 80,000
  • Food : 30,000
  • Travel to fro the University : 25,000
  • Airfare : 70,000
  • TOTAL : 2,60,000

I am already supported by two alumni (Sayanna Chandula, 2004 & Harish Laxmi, 2008) with 30,000 INR each.

The expenses not covered from this Lakshya grant, will be taken care of by my Merit Scholarships.


I will be working at the Columbia Water Center (CWC) under the guidance of Prof. Upmanu Lall (the Director of CWC). He is one of the most respected academician in the field of water resources in the USA (if not the World). Currently he is leading the CWC in a collaborative project with the Assam State Government (& IIT Guwahati) on hydroclimatology in Assam. From IIT Guwahati, the research team is being guided by Prof. Arup K. Sarma (my research guide in the previous summer internship). 

The three of us intend to work on a collaborative project using the above mentioned statistical theory and subsequently publish our work so that the results can be utilized .


To know more about CWC -

To know more about my guide Prof. Upmanu Lall - 


Swatah Snigdha Borkotoky


B. Tech 3/4, Civil Engineering, NIT Warangal,


+91 97015 22199

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