Effective Battery Thermal Management
The project aims to design a liquid cooling system using Hybrid PCM (Phase changing material) for effective Battery Thermal Management.
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Temperature is a factor which can significantly affect a battery’s performance, life and safety. Operating a battery at high temperatures reduces its life. For some battery chemistry, high temperature also increase the internal rates of thermal reactions, which lead to even greater heat generation, higher temperatures, and a “thermal runaway” condition potentially ending in catastrophic fire or explosion. It is therefore imperative that energy storage system adopts an effective thermal management system to maintain battery temperature in a certain range in which its performance is optimum and to ensure temperature uniformity throughout the battery module array so that battery operates at maximum efficiency.

I will make use of CFD to design a hybrid PCM liquid cooling system for effective battery thermal management.


MICRO THERMAL SYSTEMS (MTS) GROUP, the group in which I will be working is based in the Energy and Bio Thermal Systems Division in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore (NUS).  This group is led by Dr P S Lee and focuses on addressing thermal management of high heat flux equipment by single-phase and two-phase micro-channel heat transfer.

Dr. P S Lee


Dr PS Lee obtained his BEng (1st Class Honors) and MEng from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the National University of Singapore and was a Senior Tutor with the same department from 1999 to 2001. He then proceeded to obtain his PhD degree from the School of Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, USA in 2007.

His current research interests include microfluidics and microscale heat transfer, high performance thermal management techniques (in particular microchannel single- and two-phase cooling) and hybrid solar energy harvesting systems. His work were published in top international journals and widely cited. One of his papers won the International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer Most Cited Papers Award for 2005-2008.

In addition, he developed various novel and effective passive techniques for enhancing the heat transfer performance of microchannel heat sinks and mitigating the critical issues of hotspots and large temperature gradients in electronics devices and holds 2 US patents related to these efforts. He is also the recipient of various awards including the 2009 Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors Award, 2011 Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit Top 10 Defense Energy Technology Solutions Award and the 2011 Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES) Prestigious Engineering Achievement Award.

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Funding Requirements:

Visa: Rs 11,000

Food: Rs 45,000

Accommodation: Rs 70,000

Airfare: Rs 15,000

Total: Rs 1.4 Lakh

(The remaining amount will be covered by Institute Merit Scholarship that I have received from the last two years.)



B. Tech 3/4, Mechanical Engineering, NIT Warangal,
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