Building Mobile Game Solvers and Teaching How
The project aims at building robots and algorithms (and teaching how to) that solve mobile games.
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*Campaign initiated on Jan. 31, 2016

Funding requirements:

Website (4k) - For setting up the infrastructure.

Book (4k) - For getting the first few copies of the book printed and sending it to hacker spaces, universities and relevant organisations.

Stipend (25k for two months) - I’ll be working 25 hours/week on this project and this will help me pay for my bills. I’ll work on- making video tutorials explaining everything from the basics, writing the content in book, working on more advanced versions, making sure everything else is in place.  

Rewards for students who solve (10k)

Hiring (10k) - video editing and creative content

Organising workshops at NITW (2k)

Equipment, Misc (10k) - good webcam, electronic components and software licences (if required), travel, educational exercises, etc.,

Total - Rs. 65,000


Stretch Goals:

Any additional fudning over Rs. 65,000 will go towards further work, including:

Rs. 85,000 (131%) - We'll make sure that the book and website ship out with advanced projects as soon as possible by working for more time and working with more students.



Rs. 1,000 and more - have your name mentioned in website’s wall of thanks

Rs. 3,000 and more - hand written thank you note, 50% discount on book + above

Rs. 10,000 and more - have your name mentioned in the book and in description for all the videos + above



Winter Intership Video -


Surya Penmetsa
B.Tech, NIT Warangal

Sudheesh Singanamalla
Final Year, NIT Warangal

+ 20 students from NIT Warangal

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